Thursday, 23 October 2014

Seun Akisanmi

We work hard, We have sleepless nights, We go over our work time and time again. All these are done to ensure a job well done, to have someone somewhere say you’ve done an awesome job, to be appreciated.

Yes, ‘Appreciation’ somewhere in the human mind there’s a craving to be appreciated. Am sure this and more was what Seun Akisanmi thought of before setting the ‘NiPHEC’ into motion.

An accountant by training, a poet, coach, mentor, a father and also a popular photographer known majorly for training people decided to follow his passion and dream in year 2012 after he was denied a visa to Germany to attend an expo for photographers.

Nigeria Photography Expo & Conference is an attempt to help place Nigerian photographers on the world map of photography. The goal is to create a platform of learning & networking that will result in the better appreciation and understanding of everything Photography. “So in a sense, I'll give kudos to the German embassy for denying me visa. If they had not denied me, perhaps I wouldn't have organized NiPHEC 7 months later”.

The Niphec aims at being a source of inspiration for people who want to stand out in their photography. And also draw in participants from all over the world to visit Nigeria and to partake of photography workshops and competitions that will ultimately help them be better photographers. FREE classes are held for secondary and primary school students. He strongly believes in the importance of developing their photography dream at an early age. Hence He and His team been able to reassure them that the photography dreams they have within them is a valid one that should be pursued when they grow up. Sections are held for armature and professional photographers. It also is a place to meet photography icons. To be a part of Niphec 2015 Visit for details.

I see a lot of potentials in Nigeria now. In fact, I feel a little sorry for those who think their best option is to flee the country and be permanent residents in other countries. By the time things turn around for good (and I'm confident they will), many who have relocated abroad will desire to re-relocate back to Nigeria. Though it is tough now, Nigeria will get better.  

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Temitope Jalekun

You can officially call him a photographer. Jalekun Temitope has been able to register his name in the heart of most people in Ado-Ekiti. Call on the name Glintz in Ado-Ekiti and every one would tell you of how good they are. Yes, he is the brain behind it. A strong willed young man.  
Images have embedded in it, volumes of unspoken words. I just love photography. It’s a word on its own, sometimes it represents voices, ideas, lifestyle, state of things, places and people.

 But little did they know that he was up to more than just taking lovely pictures. Until he came up with the Gift In Lime Light initiative. {GILL}.

The Gill innovation was born from the thirst to see things done in a different way. Rather than the conventional way our generation just conform to. It also is a driver to see many express their creative ability through a medium that is easily acceptable (vogue) – fashion, music “ART”.
GILL is a plat form to give as many young people that is willing to voice their dream, a bigger picture of innovations in Nigeria in the nearest future. He also believes good music has a way of affecting the community.

And yet another Dream Maker, “self will and determination has a whole lot to do”, also my personality is built on creative leadership, CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE...
Regardless of what you are going through you have to believe in yourself and be determined to make that change...

Exemplary leadership skills and a lot of determination got him to where he is and he intendeds on staying there. And lets not forget the place of God has he rightfully said.

 For your events contact Glintz media on - 08061224871

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Obasola Bamigbola

Our first DREAM MAKER this week is a photographer and he is also an humanitarian who is so PASSIONATE about making a change and believes he can make a change through photography. Met with him on one of my outings and decided to write about him because of his unique believe about photography.
He  is a street photographer OBASOLA BAMIGBOLA , the first thing I noticed about him when we met was his hunger to make a change and he is mainly concerned with children.

Through Obasola Bamigbola’s view, street photography is the best part of photography as that is his specialty.

His love for photography started gradually and he was encouraged by his pastor Tunde Afe -- House Of Faith and was absorbed in by Jalekun Temitope of Glintz Multimedia a renowned photographer who took his time to teach him right and help him out.
He believes positive impacts could be made through street photography, then I say to myself 'photography has the power to affect our morals'.....

In his own words “I admire every photographer doing street but I respect BAYO OMOBORIOWO’S work and passion for the street. Then I took out time to check, Its splendid...

He believes in giving back to the society, so he came up with the ‘Give a child a book’ Obasola Photography & Friends charity photo walk. The first edition of it is to take place in the slum and on the roads of Ado-Ekiti, on 28th of August, 2013 by 9am.

 He also shares in the believe that Nigeria can get better only if everyone, regardless of their occupation see it as  an obligation to be an agent of change These are a few of his works that I came across.

He lives in Ado-Ekiti Nigeria, and is presently taking his career serious. You can follow him on twitter @obasolaphoto  and like his page on facebook         
Look out for him, he just might be taking a picture of you.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Origin...

The Origin...

We set out to find Dream makers and highly positive individuals who believe in change and are ready to take the first step.